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Feasibility Studies

A proper feasibility study will determine if a project is feasible – financially and technically, even socially or politically.

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Tendering Procedure and Documentation

Tendering procedure is the way a contract is to be let-out for example by conventional tender, design and build, and turnkey.

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Financial Planning

A financial plan is a forecast on the frequency of payments to be made during the tenure of the project’s progress.

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Cost Planning

A cost plan is necessary to determine cost appropriation among the various elements of the project depending on factors such as design, specifications and timing.

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Valuation and Interim Payments

Most contracts require properly valuated interim payments be made to the contractor.

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Construction Cost Control

Changes to the project scope, schedule, specifications and prices for various reasons can eventually affect the budgeted cost.

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Final Accounting

A running account is to be kept taking into account finalized variations to the contract sum and payments made, keeping in view of the forecasted final cost.

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Contractual Claim

Key matters in contractual claims are timely mitigation measures and keeping of contemporary records require hands-on action

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Pre-qualification of contractors

At times it is desirable to tender for a project only to a shortlist of qualified contractors

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