Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of corporate social responsibility BEQS encourage her employees to participate in the non profit organization to serve the community. Sr Yusof Hassim is presently a volunteer with Mercy Malaysia. His involvement in Mercy Malaysia begins in February 2005, after the catastrophic tsunami disaster that hits the Indian Ocean and Aceh in December 2004. He was involved in the drafting, preparation and supervision of contracts for the reconstruction of Hospitals, Mosques, Clinics and Housings in Banda Aceh. Gunong Sitoli (Nias), Bantul (Jogjakarta), Agra Makmur (Bengkulu) and Gasan Gadang (Padang). His voluntary mission brought him also to Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines and Pakistan.

At present, Sr Fadilah Mohamad Camaludin is one of the committee members of Jawatankuasa Pendaftaran dan Kelayakan and Jawatankuasa Kecil Promosi Pendaftaran of BQSM. She was also an active member of the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia. Sr Fadilah used to serve the QS Division as a committee and Chair of the Junior Organization and Young Achievers Award under council of RISM.

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