BEQS Consultant Sdn Bhd was formerly BEQS consultant,a sole proprietor company towards globalization,BEQS changed its status to body corporate effective of august 2009 and registered under Lembaga juruukur bahan Malaysia as BEQS consultant Sdn Bhd (BEQS) obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification in april 2011.

BEQS primary objective is to provide professional quantity surveying and construction cost consultancy services and other related services for civil engineering and building project ,both to the public and private sector.

Since her incorporation,BEQS have grown in staff strength and experience.BEQS have gained wide experience in a diverse spectrum of the construction industry in general and service in particular having provided tailor –made expertise to many client over a diverse range of projects.BEQS therefore are confident of honourning any commitment to its clients.

BEQS have served many client ,both government and corporate sector.Major government agencies include KL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT BERHAD , Ministry of education,Ministry of defence,public works department ,University Malaya and MARA UNIVERSITY of technology , while our major corporate clients include KLIA Consultancy Services,island & peninsular BHD and Malaysia resources corporation Bhd.

BEQS are proud to present the company profile for the benefits of our existing and pontential client.we hope they will understand and appreciate BEQS better.Then,there shall be no doubts about our capability to meet all their quantity surveying and construction cost consultant needs.




Sr Yusof Bin Hassim, MRISM, MRICS

 Sr Yusof joined the quantity surveying fraternity in 1983 upon graduation with a Diploma in Quantity surveying from the MARA institute of technology (ITM) .Shah alam .He furthered his studies in building Economics and Quantity surveying at the Heriot-Watt University ,scoutland graduating with a degree in 1987.

His first appointment in 1983 was as an assistant quantity surveyor at J.U.B sekutu promoted him to the post of quantity surveyor .In 1989 he was elevated to the post of project coordinator.In November 1991 ,he was appointed as a director of J.U.B sekutu in recognition of his skill,experience and leadership quanlities.

In January 1994 he left J.U.B sekutu to form BEQS consultants to pursue his aspiration of leading his own firm where he would have greater freedom to promote new ideas an experience in the quantity surveying and construction cost consultancy services.In 2009 together with two other registered quantity surveyors,formed BEQS consultant Sdn Bhd, where he is the executive director.


  • 1983:Diploma in quantity surveying MARA institude of technology,Shah Alam ,Selangor,Malaysia
  • 1987:Degree in building Economics and quantity surveying,Heriot-Watt university,Scotland U.K PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATION
  • Since 1990:Registered with the board of quantity surveyors,Malaysia(Registrartion No.1990/MF008229)
  • Since 1995:Member of the institution of Surveyors,Malaysia(Registration No.1864)
  • Since 2008:Member of the royal institution of charted surveyors(Registration No.1256178)



Sr Fadilah Binti Mohamad Camaludin, FISM, MRICS

Sr Fadilah joined BEQS consultant as an associate in January 2005 after gaining wide experience on various projects in the corporate sector.Her career spans more than 20 years project management.To date she is the director of BEQS consultant Sdn Bhd.


  • From august 1989 to January 1994 quantity surveyor,development division,international Islamic university,Selangor.
  • From January 1994 to December 1995 quantity surveyor,Ranhill bersekutu Sdn Bhd.
  • From January 1996 to December 2004.
  • Senior quantity surveyor,Pengurusan Lantas Berhad.
  • Senior quantity surveyor,Kinta samudra Sdn Bhd.
  • January 2005 to December 2009,Associate,BEQS consultant ,KUALA LUMPUR.
  • January 2010 to date director,BEQS consultant Sdn Bhd.


  • 1984:Diploma in quantity surveying MARA institute of technology ,SHAH ALAM Selangor ,Malaysia
  • 1987:Degree in building economics and quantity surveying Heriot-Watt University Scotland U.K


  • Since 2004:Registered with the board of quantity surveyors,Malaysia.(Registration No.2004/MF01246)
  • Since 2007:Member of the royal institude of chartered surveyors(Registered No.1248412)
  • Since 2009:Fellow of the institute of chartered surveyors(Registration No.F4375)



Sr. Mohd Zamri Bin Md Saad,MISM

Sr Zamri joined BEQS as a senior quantity surveyors back in june 1999.Before that,he used to be an office colleague with sr yusof in J.U.B sekutu.After obtaining his professional registration from the board of quantity surveyors,Malaysia in 2005 , he is now director (Penang Branch)of BEQS consultant Sdn Bhd.


  • From MAC 1991 to august 1991 Assistant quantity surveyors,CKN-MAHABINA J.V
  • From December 1991 to 1998 quantity surveyors,BEQS consultants.
  • From 2010 to date Director and head of penang branch , BEQS consultant Sdn Bhd.



  • 1991:Diploma in quantity surveying University Technology Malaysia
  • 1993:B.Sc.In quantity surveyors,University Teknologi Malaysia



  • Since 2007:Registered with the board of quantity surveyors,Malaysia(Registration No 2007/MF01365)
  • Since 2007:Member of the institution of quantity surveyors,Malaysia.(Registration No.M4179)